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Heating and cooling are essential to modern life – enabling comfortable indoor environments, industrial processes, mass computation, and global distribution of fresh food and medicine. Yet heating and cooling are heavy energy consumers. The EU will have to move towards fully decarbonised, highly efficient, renewable, integrated, and circular heating and cooling systems and technologies, in order to mitigate climate change and ensure cheap and reliable access to heating and cooling for businesses and households.

21 November 2023
After the trilogues of 6 June and 31 August, the latest negotiations on the recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) on 12 October resulted in partial agreement. The next round is expected to conclude the file.
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20 June 2023
The European Commission has opened the public consultation for the heat pumps action plan. Stakeholders can respond to the survey until 30 August 2023. Additionally, a series of stakeholder consultation events are scheduled.
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08 March 2023
The second stakeholder workshop on the energy performance of data centres was hosted on 3 March 2023. The workshops are part of the technical study regarding reporting requirements for data centres in the prospective recast Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)....
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15 February 2023
After significant delays, the ITRE committee has finally adopted its report on the EPBD recast on 9 February 2023.
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20 December 2022
On the night of Saturday, 17 December 2022, MEPs and EU governments agreed to reform the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to further reduce industrial emissions and invest more in climate friendly technologies.
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05 December 2022
The Parliament’s ENVI committee published its final opinion on the EPBD on 28 November 2022.
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29 November 2022
The European Commission’s DG ENER, together with Viegand Maagøe and COWI, is organising a stakeholder workshop dedicated to the provisions on data centres that are part of the proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) recast....
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24 November 2022
Last month, the Council of the EU reached an agreement on the proposal to revise the EPBD. The aims are to ensure that all new buildings are zero-emission by 2030 and that the existing buildings become zero-emission by 2050.
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